A Protein Prioritizing Diet

It’s World Carnivore Month and I want to encourage you guys to start your year off the right way. This is NOT the carnivore diet, this is the way I’ve been handling my nutrition for the last several years and navigated a meat-based diet. I personally have not found any additional benefit from eating only meat, and haven’t noticed a difference in terms of performance. I would say my performance is better with a little bit of influence of carbs from fruit, rice, potatoes, and things like that on occasion.

What Can You Eat?

  • Meat
    • Try your best to get lean sources of meat 
      • 96/4% lean ground beef
      • Piedmontese steaks
        • 20-25g of protein and 4-5g of fat for every 4oz of meat
      • Occasionally you can have fattier meat like ribeye
      • Chicken breast and thighs
      • Turkey
      • Ham
      • Various types of pork
    • Beef jerky
    • Fish
      • Tuna
      • Salmon
      • Whatever type of fish you like
  • Eggs
    • Whole Eggs
      • Lots of vitamins and minerals in the yolks
    • Egg Whites
      • Help more with protein leveraging since they are 100% protein
  • Dairy
    • Yogurt
      • Triple zero yogurt with a scoop of Vanilla This is the Whey protein
    • Low-fat cottage cheese
    • Cheese is ok but be mindful that the calories add up quick 
  • Fruit
    • Berries
      • You don’t want to blend the berries
      • Eat them in their normal form to get the fiber content
      • Less sugar than other fruits, and have good vitamins and minerals
    • Apples
    • Bananas
  • Vegetables
    • Any kind you want as long as you aren’t dousing them in oil and butter
    • Potatoes
      • One serving per day can be added in accordance to your activity
  • Rice
    • One serving per day can be added in accordance to your activity
    • Most people can’t control themselves when it comes to rice and you overeat 
  • Protein Powder
    • Steak Shake
    • This is the Whey
    • Total Carnivore Steak Shake
  • Do your best to eat single-ingredient foods. If you’d like more flavor do your best to reach for seasonings (like the ones from Within You) that don’t have calories. Be cautious with sauces and dressings.

Things to Avoid

  • Sugary processed foods
  • Eating at restaurants
    • They dump oils on your food
    • You’re going to get a lot of extra calories you didn’t account for
    • It is really important to cook for yourself
  • Oils
  • Salad dressings
    • If you choose to use them, be very mindful of how much you use


  • 2 10-minute sessions every day in January
    • Walking
      • Try to find cues for walking
        • Whenever you eat
        • Lunch break at work
        • Right before you get in your car to go to work
    • Stationary bike
    • Stretching
    • Pushups
    • Bodyweight squats and lunges
  • Try your best to get outside for at least one of the 10-minute sessions to get some sunlight even in the wintertime

More Info

The diet calls for basically any kind of meat however, what we are trying to do is to consume the correct amount of protein every day without going over our overall caloric and energy intake. So it is protein vs energy. We don’t want to overconsume calories, we don’t want to overconsume energy, and the 2 best ways to fight that off are 1) with protein because protein is satiating and will help control hunger and 2) to have good quality muscle mass. The more muscle mass that you have, the more of a caloric burn you will have, the better your metabolic rate will be, meaning you need more energy each day even without exercise because you have more muscle mass on you. Any exercise that you do, if you have more muscle mass, you’re going to burn a little bit more than the next person as well and this will assist you in not overeating.

If you’re going to eat your carbs, have them around workouts, before and after is best. Doesn’t have to be before and after every workout, but before some, after some, depending on how you feel. One key component is that you feel good every day and that you don’t feel run down. If you’re run down from a caloric or energy standpoint it makes all of your decision-making skills that much harder.

2 things to watch out for are making sure you are eating often, and that you are eating enough. Fatigue makes cowards of us all and makes your decision-making skills very difficult. I would say for most people you should be eating probably 3-5 times a day. There should be 3-5 times a day where you are taking in calories, sometimes that can be a protein shake, a yogurt and an apple, or sometimes it can be a real meal, it depends on you as a person. 5 times seems like a lot, but it's what almost every great athlete does at a minimum. Your average person actually consumes calories over 10x a day because of drinks and so on. 

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